Why You Should Include
Meditation in Your Life?

Find out about the many benefits of this practice.

Why Meditate

The practice of meditation has been popular in the West for several decades now. Since the 1960s, when Eastern religion and philosophy began to influence youth movements in North America and Europe, the term has shown up more and more frequently in relation to health and wellness. Meditation has been touted as the perfect antidote to the stresses of modern life in the Western world.

But what is meditation? Is there a “correct” way to do it? And does it require special equipment?

Put simply, meditation is time spent in quiet to focus and clear the mind. With practice, allowing the mind to relax and rest can connect you to a higher state of consciousness, making you more aware of both your whole self and the world around you. This is how meditation differs from just having a nap or any other relaxing activity—it’s about a particularly clear and calm sense of connection, rather than simply blocking out the world.

Science is increasingly showing us the benefits of regular meditation practice. The best-known of these benefits involves a reduction of stress that can lead people to feel happier, focus more easily, and sleep better. But true, deep practice yields much, much more. It can affect the way you age, improve your health, reduce fearfulness, and help you grow emotionally and spiritually. Everything from your posture to how you deal with conflict can be influenced and reshaped by dedication to this practice.

After all, there’s a reason why many Eastern cultures have been doing it for centuries.

People find many different paths to meditation, and Buddhist monks may spend their entire lives perfecting their practice. But the basics are all you need to get going—and the effort is definitely worth it.

Posture is Vital to Meditate Effectively

As well as other seated activities.

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