What People Have To Say About The SPOKO™ Bench

  • Highly Recommended

    Love my Spoko Bench! It’s so comfortable! :) Gives me a better posture and I love meditating with it! ❤️ + I received it so fast! They have a great customer service! ?
    Olivia M
  • Finally the bench I was looking for!

    "I am very happy with my purchase, came in very quickly and looks beautiful. I use it not only to meditate but to work on my laptop with a low table. A big WOW."

    Monika S.
  • Amazing customer service and a very well made bench

    "The new bench is very sturdy and seems like it will last a long time. It is very comfortable, and helps a lot for sitting meditation. I am very happy with the purchase!"

  • It's beautifully crafted wood and of great quality

    "I received my bench earlier this week. It's beautifully crafted wood and of great quality. I've had the opportunity to use the bench for shorter sessions and so far comfortable to use in either the lotus position and particularly in kneeling position."

  • Meditate on This!

    "Well crafted, and quickly and thoughtfully shipped. I'm, um, mindful of the effort that went into making it, and highly recommend it. "

  • Five Stars

    "The design is extraordinarily fitting for a sustained meditation."

    Carmen Person
  • Greatest mediation bench

    "Finally I have found a bench to get me back to my sitting practice. Thanks love it, back sitting no back problem. "

    Amazon Client
  • 5 Stars for this piece

    "Bench is beautiful and so comfortable. Lovely addition to my space. Much better than my zabuton and zafu as my knees get sore after thirty minutes...a lovely piece which is almost art."

  • This is a very nicely made piece

    "This is a very nicely made piece. It takes the pressure off of the knees, while encouraging a vertical spine. It is well made, and very strong"

    Sean Landers

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  • The SPOKO™ Meditation Bench

    The original certified bench - Premium quality.

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