The SPOKO™ Meditation Bench ❤️

  • Puts your spine in a neutral position
  • Releases pressure from lower back and knees
  • Pushes the shoulders to naturally open up
  • Total comfort – Feels like weightlessness
  • Posture certified by Mat Boulé, D.O. Osteopath, Posturologist
  • Long term benefits of meditation and body posture
  • Perfect for sitting,  meditation, prayer, seiza and kids
  • Removable legs for travel convenience
  • No cushion, no mat, no pillow needed

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  • Handcrafted in Canada
  • Posturologist Certified
  • Premium Quality
  • Canadian Wild Birch Wood

Feel good

The proper alignment of your body posture will allow you to reduce tensions and stress, relax your muscles, increase your energy level, improve circulation, expand your shoulders for a gratifying deep breathing.


Allowing you to travel the world while staying in balance. The bench disassembles into a convenient travel size package, easily fitting in your travel bag or luggage. Use it for Yoga, prayer, seiza, as a stool, a chair, a kneeling or a low bench. Perfect for kids.

Perfect posture & ergonomics

Optimum comfort for the lower back and knees using a perfectly balanced natural spine incline. Removing pressure from the lower back and knee joins. Certified by Mat Boulé, D.O. Posturologist, Osteopath.

Without compromise

All our benches are fully hand crafted with particular care to detail hence each of them are slightly different and beautifully unique. We only use premium quality massive birch wood.

Ultimate comfort

The arching of the bench and the gentle incline promotes your body and pelvic area to ultimately pursue the natural curve, leaving you in a space of balance, well-being and comfort. No cushion needed.


Wouldn't it be great to obtain long term benefits from posture and meditation at the same time? The SPOKO™ meditation bench allows you to center your attention on your meditation practice, and benefit from the science of posture, effortlessly and simultaneously. Mat Boulé, D.O. Osteopath, Posturologist understands the great benefits a proper posture can have on the whole body. The SPOKO™ bench does just that and more. With prolonged use you can expect to feel great.

High Recognition

"When I sat down I found the bench to be *amazingly* comfortable. The seat is angled ever so slightly as to take the pressure off your joints and align your spine. I found that I could sit for long periods and not have to adjust my posture, and there was no pressure on my knees or ankles." -By Emma Suttie D.Ac, AP

What People Have To Say About SPOKO™

  • Finally the bench I was looking for!

    "I am very happy with my purchase, came in very quickly and looks beautiful. I use it not only to meditate but to work on my laptop with a low table. A big WOW."

    Monika S.
  • Greatest mediation bench

    "Finally I have found a bench to get me back to my sitting practice. Thanks love it, back sitting no back problem. "

    Amazon Client
  • 5 Stars for this piece

    "Bench is beautiful and so comfortable. Lovely addition to my space. Much better than my zabuton and zafu as my knees get sore after thirty minutes...a lovely piece which is almost art."

  • This is a very nicely made piece

    "This is a very nicely made piece. It takes the pressure off of the knees, while encouraging a vertical spine. It is well made, and very strong"

    Sean Landers

Posturologist Certified Bench

For optimal meditation practice – 
Your wellbeing comes first

Mat Boulé, D.O. Posturologist, Osteopath

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