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The hectic pace of modern life makes many of us feel overwhelmed and stressed out—sometimes more than we realize. It can feel like days pass so quickly that we don’t have time to reflect on our lives, our health, or our wellbeing. Many people find themselves frustrated and unhappy, and most of the time this surfaces in our relationships at home, work, or elsewhere. A simple twenty minutes of meditation a day, however, has been proven to do wonders for overall feelings of peace and wellness.


Our mission at SPOKO™ is to facilitate your daily meditation practice by offering you a posturologist-certified meditation bench, with the utmost emphasis on comfort.

As founders of the company, we can personally testify that we have had tremendous results from incorporating meditation into our daily routines. The beginnings were not easy, but quickly enough we found out that devoting a special place and time to practice and finding the best seating posture helped a lot.

Michel Szmigiel & Jerome. Co-founders of SPOKO™

Michel & Jerome.
Co-founders of SPOKO™


We tried many classic seated positions, but couldn’t find optimal comfort. This was always a distraction. So we bought a regular folding meditation bench, and liked it—but it still lacked something in terms of comfort.

We then decided to take matters into our own hands and develop our own model that allowed for optimal positioning of the spine and overall comfort. After months of trial and error—trying different dimensions, angles, and curves—and with the help of a posturologist, we designed the SPOKO™ meditation bench. We now want to offer everyone the opportunity to take advantage of this healing meditation aid.

With Greatness. Jerome & Michel

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