Posture is Vital to Meditate Effectively

As well as other seated activities.

Why posture is important

When most of us think of “posture,” we think about a parent telling us to stand up straight. Posture is always about the spine—but it’s not always about correcting how we stand.

When you’re meditating, your “posture” refers to your body’s overall alignment. Proper posture is vital to beneficial meditation practice, and it’s one of the reasons we designed our meditation bench—to help you achieve the kind of sitting posture you need to mediate effectively.

But why is posture so important when you meditate? Well, the centrality of our spines to our bodies is obvious—our backbone is…literally our backbone! It holds up the head, and provides structure and strength for muscles and a framework for the nervous system. If you are trying to bring your body into a state of calmness and focus, the spine is going to be involved.

But there’s more to it than that. In traditional Eastern medicine, the seven chakras that are said to house our “energy centres” are related to the head, spine and torso. The alignment of these energy centres is hindered by poor posture when we sit to meditate. If our chakras aren’t aligned properly, Eastern medicine says, then our energy flow will be disrupted—making it difficult for us to live as healthily and happily as we would wish.

Mat Boulé, as a posturologist and osteopath, understands the importance of spinal alignment to the body. The meditation bench we designed with his expertise will help you ensure clear and open chakras when you meditate.

Posturologist Certified Bench

For optimal meditation practice.
Your wellbeing comes first.

Mat Boulé, D.O. Posturologist, Osteopath.

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